Software Development

Software Development

Does your company want to reduce the risks and time associated with application development? If yes, then it’s time to developed your application development to a reputed software development company like Hasten Solutions. With over 5 years of extensive experience and expertise across domains, we have the competence to understand your business needs and provide you with cutting-edge software and mobile applications.

Software Development Lifecycle Management

Innovation and Customer Service Are the Keys to Your Business

Many companies are re-focusing on there core competencies. They must make the hard choices and focus on the efforts that deliver the most value to their customers and their business. They need to focus on their core competencies which knows the customer, the market, and keeping one step ahead of the competition.

But at the same time, these same companies are faced with a myriad of challenges such as asking their Engineering or Development organizations to concentrate on innovation, meet demanding engineering efforts, create richer functionality in new or existing products, and upgrade to new platforms or technologies just to stay current with the marketplace. As a trusted business partner, Infospectrum specializes in supporting our clients in various stages of the software development lifecycle. We can help in a particular stage such as design, coding or testing, release, maintenance and support. Alternatively, we can also take on the development of an entire product, component, module or technical capability. We then work along side you to ensure final product integration, customer delivery, and assist you in meeting the expectations of your customer or marketplace.

Increasingly, companies are finding this allows them to focus on their core strengths, retain specific domain knowledge, innovation, and ideation yet relieves them of non-core or routine development efforts at considerably less cost and equal or better quality.

We Insure Delivery and Clients Maintain Strategic Control of their Product and Process

When it comes to software engineering projects and product development, we understand that delivery is everything. And the delivery – whether it is a software product, documentation, or after-market customer service — must be of the highest quality, on time, and on budget. We also understand the complexity of today’s business requirements, technology, schedule and cost factors can put successful delivery increasingly at risk for companies. Equally important, we also understand the critical importance of a client’s intellectual property.

As a trusted outsourced software development partner, Infospectrum’s approach is fundamentally structured to mitigate project execution risk, meet the client’s needs while ensuring strategic control always remains in the hands of the client. First, we align our Quality Management and Agile Program Management processes with those of our clients. And then, based on the scope and needs of our clients, we plan, execute and manage each assigned phase of the software engineering project or product development lifecycle as follows:

Business or Product Requirements Document-

Using our business and industry vertical experience, we can lead or support business requirements gathering and documentation efforts such as industry best practice research and surveys, customer workshops and on-site reviews, or structure other requirements gathering activities anywhere on the globe.

  • Design & Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Release Management
  • Maintenance and Post-Release Support
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